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To enable members of the NCAGG to expand their knowledge of and expertise in all areas of glassmaking by providing financial assistance to cover the expense of continuing education in glassmaking.

Additionally, because many of our members generously share their knowledge and projects with glass enthusiasts throughout the area, these scholarships will help build awareness of art glass in the wider community.

Summary of the Program

Funding: The Scholarship Program for each year will be contingent on having the funds to pay for the scholarships.

  • In the first year, $2,000 will come from the proceeds of the Chuck Ireton Estate Auction, plus any donations received by December 31st.
  • In subsequent years, funding will come from a combination of:
    • Sponsors who donate funding for the scholarships
    • Members donations to the scholarship fund
    • Fundraising efforts initiated by the NCAGG or its members

Application Process: Members of the NCAGG who wish to apply for a scholarship will need to fill out the downloadable application that describes how much funding is desired, how the funds will be used, the results expected from the educational experience, etc.  The guild will not ask for financial information, however, applicants may include documents that demonstrate financial need if desired.  All applications submitted by December 31 will be considered for funding the following year. 

Selection Process: Scholarship winners will be selected anonymously by an impartial jury that is selected by the board.  Awards are based entirely on the information included in the application, although the jury may ask for further information at their discretion.  Applications that are not complete will not be considered, nor will any information supplied after December 31st.  One or more scholarships will be awarded each year.

Scholarship Awards: Announcement of the awards is expected to be made by March 1st.  If the timing of the award is at odds with the desired educational experience (e.g., a class or program is filled, or needs to be applied for a year in advance), the funds can be held over until the following year. If the experience/education opportunity will not be  offered in a reasonable timeframe the applicant may petition to use the funds for an equivalent experience/education, with approval of the Board.

Sharing the Knowledge: Upon completion of the program, the scholarship award winner will make a presentation to the NCAGG membership to summarize what was learned, show slides or film clips of the experience and/or show the art glass projects completed during or as a result of the experience.

A Few Rules:

  • The scholarships are intended for the use of the applicant – they may not be transferred to another person.
    Jury decisions are final.
  • If an applicant receives an award (and uses the funds), he/she may not apply again for three years.  (Eg., if an applicant wins an award for 2018, the earliest he/she can apply for another award is in the fall of 2020, for an award in 2021.)
  • The NCAGG will pay the scholarship funds directly to the program or school providing the educational experience.  The applicant must supply this information.  Other expenses approved by the jury (e.g., air tickets, hotel, etc., will be reimbursed upon presentation of the appropriate receipts.
  • If the funds are not spent within 2 years of the award date, the money will revert back to the NCAGG Scholarship Fund.

Please mail your completed application to Emily Pezzulich, 7933 St. George Ct., Springfield, VA 22153, by December 31, 2017.  Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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